My after hours experiences consist of exploring this beautiful country in my Van, throwing my Quad skates on and Roller Skating (I used to play Roller Derby) around the bike and beachside paths.

I also have a keen interest in new upcoming Technology and like to listen to Podcasts from the various tech networks such as TWit, iMore and Apple, Google, Oculus and most other leading technology.

You can find me on many discussion forums under the name of AussieGeekGirl and in social online games under the alias Ready Player One.

My latest passion has been exploring the rise of Immersive Technologies like AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality).

I have explored all but one (Not the Sony PSVR) of the main Virtual Reality Headsets purchasing a HTC Vive in October 2016, The Oculus Rift in March 2017 and November the Windows Mixed Realty VR Headsets. I have also owned the Occipital Bridge, and ZapBox that provide a Mixed/Augmented Reality experience.

After using the HTC Vive for around 6 months I felt it lacking in certain areas so purchased the Oculus Rift to see if it could fill these gaps, this had been a great decision as it provided a much more immersive experience with the amazing award winning Touch Controllers which instead of giving you wands in VR, give you a hand interface. I also found the headset much more comfortable, it even felt lighter on my face.  After a few months of now using the Rift and not using the Vive I onsold it to get the funds to invest in the new Microsoft Mixed Reality headset technology.

Purchasing a Dell Visor Microsoft Mixed Reality VR headset was a big disappointment, especially after experiencing the Vive & Rifts much better controller tracking.  I had hoped to be able to lose the external sensor units the Rift & Vive used, but too many compromises had to be made to use the Microsoft MR-VR headsets, I ended up returning the unit to Microsoft for a full refund, I then imported a Samsung Odyssey Microsoft MR-VR headset that promised much better graphics and better comfort, It was indeed better but the inside out two camera tracking system just wasn’t good enough to provide a comparable experience to the Rift/Vive.  I was able to onsell this unit after a week or so, it was good to at least experience the much clearer optics which will be coming to other headsets in the future.

So what’s next?  Well the Oculus Go $199 USD is looking interesting and a great portable Netflix viewer and I am still awaiting an AR/VR device from Apple, though that sounds like it could be a few years away.